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Chasing the Light

These pieces are parts of the solo exhibit I presented in August of 2022 at the Art First Gallery in Fredericksburg. If you are interested in purchasing pieces, please navigate to my site's "Shop."

Art First Gallery, Fredericksburg VA Aug 2022

Sunset Perch_NMyers.jpg

The Sunset Perch [SOLD]

16"x20" acrylic on canvas

This is one of my most favorite from the collection, and I feel, one of the most successful. I was inspired by Monet's Cathedral seriese, and his approach to color constancy in general. So I was delighted to tackle the colorful lighting on the iconic white stone steeples of Fredericksburg. 

St. George in Bloom [SOLD]

16" x 20" acrylic on canvas

You simply cannot contrive a collection of work about Fredericksburg without (at least one) painting of St. George's most iconic steeple. I caught this image in early Spring as I was walking to the gallery. It was a cool spring day, and I think the image feels that way. 


Ava Laurenne Chandelier [SOLD] 

12" x 12" acrylic on canvas

Another goal of my show was to transport the viewer to emotive, romantic places just around the corner. Literally. This scene is around the corner from the Art First Gallery, and one I often admired while walking downtown Fredericksburg. The charm of the historic touches was always something that endeared me to the city.

Goolricks at night [SOLD]

16"" x 20" acrylic on canvas

Another inspriation for this show was Camille Pissaro's "Boulevard at Night" and I knew that I wanted to incorporate some images of the street views of downtown at different times of day, and night. Goolrick's seemed an obvious choice. I particularly appreciate the assistance of photography in rendering the impressionistic approach to the lights in the bottom. 

Goolricks by Night_NMyers.jpg

Sophia St. Skyline [SOLD]

24"x36" acrylic on canvas

Always one of my favorite vantage points. I particularly enjoy the "backstage" look at the various characters of downtown buildings. This image has a bit of everything I love about downtown, the steeples, the lantern, the colorful buildings and varied architecture, and all the charm. 

Sammy T's Summer [SOLD]

12""x 12" acrylic on canvas

The motif of outdoor cafe'-style seating draws me and reminds me of Van Gogh's "Cafe Terrace" works. This view had a lot that compelled me: the reflective light, the peek at the interior, the colorful white stone walls in this lighting and the brickwork on the sidewalk. The greenery Sammy T employs in the Summer months is just the final touch that really transports me. It was a moment in a golden summer evening, too idyllic to ignore. 

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