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About Nicole


Artist Statement

"It wasn’t until recently that I took to traveling with my feet. For years, I sat in Northern Virginia traffic (very) slowly building up an insatiable curiosity and thirst for any and everywhere else; for adventure. And in the meantime, I learned to quench these cravings in a few different ways; I stepped into stories through theatre, on stage and behind it. I immersed myself into all kinds of fantastic worlds through literature, and all too frequently, I simply lusted over photographs of the many beautiful places on my ever-growing bucket list. The stories and places I encountered were invigorating, but nothing satisfied me quite like pouring them into my art.

Painting allows me to travel these worlds in a unique way. I get to examine every color in a sun-kissed corner or a creeping, caressing shadow, and in doing so, I create for myself a portal. It transports me while I paint, and upon completion, it immortalizes that otherwise fleeting time and place, so that I may visit it time and again."

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