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"As Above..."

Art First Gallery, Fredericksburg VA JuLY 2023

These pieces are parts of the solo exhibit I presented in July of 2023 at the Art First Gallery in Fredericksburg. If you are interested in purchasing pieces, please email me at nicole, or navigate to my site's "Print Shop."


Stratford Lock & Pull [SOLD]

8"x10" acrylic on canvas

This was one of the first images I worked on for the show. I wanted to juxtapose plenty of images that reminded the viewer of doors with my landscapes to emphasize the idea that paint allows me to reopen "doors" to times and places otherwise locked in the past. 

The subject of this work is a door found at Stratford Hall, in Westmoreland County, VA. 

Storm At Sea

12"x24" acrylic on canvas

The Outerbanks feature prominently in this collection. I have been vacationing there since childhood, and have many fond memories. This image of a storm out at sea captures a particularly emotive scene I stumbled upon. The sky was ominous, but the weather on shore was pleasant, and I stood alone to contemplate it.


Lights on George Street [SOLD]

15"x30" acrylic on canvas

Another goal of my show was to transport the viewer to emotive, romantic places just around the corner. Literally. This scene is around the corner from the Art First Gallery, and one I often admired while walking downtown Fredericksburg. The charm of the historic touches was always something that endeared me to the city, ever since I first visited, long before I was a resident. Let's be honest: who doesn't have a weakness for lanterns? 

Into Acadia

18""x24" acrylic on canvas

I thought the Outerbanks were emotive; but our travels to Acadia National Park in Maine have provided me with a complete arsenal of highly emotive landscapes and some of my favorite pieces. This one, of a sun-dappled and mossy trail through a pine forest, remains one of my favorites in the collection. 

Into Acadia.png
A Break in the Storm.png

A Break in the Storm

24"x36" acrylic on canvas

The Blue Ridge Mountains of Skyline Drive are a favorite daytrip in our house, and a particular favorite motif in my paintings. This painting, "A Break in the Storm," depicts a unique sight: sunbeams juxtaposed with heavy rain in the distance, disappearing mountains across the horizon. It certainly was a powerful and awe-inspiring moment to be sure. 

1890 Caroline House Knob

18""x24" acrylic on canvas

Just another charming aspect of our downtown Fredericksburg streets: the character of each doorframe, handle and knocker. I captured some in my collection, but I always seem to notice more and more on walks these days. 

Fun fact: I often listen to audiobooks while I paint, so when I look back at these, not only do they hold memories of favorite personal adventures, but they also take me back to beloved stories. This painting, I affectionately call "Amory's Knob" as I was listening to "This Side of Paradise" by F. Scott Fitzgerald while painting most of it. 

1890 Caroline House Knob.png
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